During the seventies and early eighties Mounties (Mount Pritchard Community Club as it was called then) used to hold an annual walk/run to the Warragamba Workmans Club, a distance of 33km, this was a popular event attended by many. In 1974 as the popularity of running increased a plan was hatched over a few drinks (probably more than a few) to form a joggers club by those who wanted to exercise on a regular basis, and to help encourage fitness and friendship amongst those around them. On the 8th September they held their first run a 1.3km circuit around Mounties, from these small beginnings the club has continued for 36 years, keeping to it’s original plan of encouraging fitness and retaining a friendly small club atmosphere and always welcoming newcomers.

In late 1975 due to the increase of road traffic around Mounties the Joggers made Cook Park their base for running, this gave them access quieter streets and some off road pathways.
In 1983 the last run to Warragamba was held, this was won by Horst Wegner with a time of 1.56.24, Horst has been a major backbone to the club, first and foremost as a competitor, multiple club champion, international marathon runner and since 1986 as Club President. He has passed his enthusiasm for running on to new members, used his legendary local knowledge to lead members on a variety of interesting runs through surrounding districts, parks and bushland. His outstanding sporting achievements and selfless commitment to the club were recognised early on by Mounties who in 1996 named him ‘Club Sportsperson of the Year’.
Horst Wegner
In the mid nineties faced by further increases in local traffic the club moved its Sunday run to Haigh Park in the Chipping Norton Lakes area, a short drive from Mount Pritchard, this is where we can be found today.