On Sunday 11th February we held the last of our summer series 7km cross country handicap.
Congratulations to our winner Bruno Pezzuto and runner up Mark Privitera


On Sunday 14th January we held the second of our summer series 7km cross-country handicap.
It was a close finish, congratulations to our winners:
1st Jim Vassiliou
2nd Mark Privitera
3rd Bruno Pezzuto 4th Wendy Bozzetto 5th Chooi Tang Pictured here are Mark and Jim.


Christmas Eve 2017: After a warm run/walk, the Joggers celebrated the festive season with fruit, cakes and plenty of treats. Spot made sure he didn't miss out! Merry Christmas!

Xmas run 2017Xmas run 2

Sunday 22nd October, a beautiful day for our Coogee to Bondi run. End of it the reward was a hearty bacon & eggs breakfast